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The phrase _Design Nerd_ in letterpress


$70 per / hr


1 Additional Revision                                                          $70

(1 hour of design)

1 Additional Concept                                                          $100

(2 hours of design) 

1 Additional Color Version                                                  $25

(30 minutes of design)

1 Additional File Version                                                      $50

(1 hour of transfer/saving)

Stock Image                                                                          $20 

includes search and download

Stock Illustration                                                                  $30 

(includes search and download) 

1 Additional Website Page                                                 $200

(4 hours of design)

1 Additional Website Revision Hour                                $50

(1 hour of design)

1 Additional Website Form                                                 $40

1 hour of design)

Shopping Cart Integration                                                $750

(15 hours of design) 

Pay Pal Integration                                                              $150

3 hours of design) 

1 Photo Gallery or 1 Photo Slide Show                            $150

3 hours of design) 

1 Simple Blog (Wix)                                                              $250

5 hours of design)

3 Month Website Maintenance Plan                              $300

2 hours a month)

Wix Support 24/7 is FREE  

6 Month Website Maintenance Plan                              $500

2 hours a month with $100 Savings)

Wix Support 24/7 is FREE  

1 Year Website Maintenance Plan                                   $800

2 hours a month with $400 Savings)

Maintenance plans include all changes and updates needed to make to site within reasonable means. If you are needing any service that is listed on this rate sheet or radical changes or additions to your website there are additional charges.

Wix/Consultant Services                                                    $25

30 minutes for phone calls and emails) 

Initial Consultation is FREE  

Conference Calls                                                                   $50

1 hour phone call, must be scheduled 

Initial Consultation is FREE.  Charges only apply for time exceeding allocated revisions for each package or add-on service.  



Rush Charge                                                                          $50

per project / for 1-2 day or weekend turnaround


Additional Website Features

Online community forums

Interactive forms

Video or image gallery

Subscriptions / newsletters

Schedule / calendar of events



Live chat

Stream and sell music.

Accept bookings online

Online payments


and much more!  Need something specific? Just ask and I will see what I can do!

How much we talkin'?

Answer a few questions today, receive a quote tomorrow. 

Tell me what you need and when you need it. I will offer a few customized  packages for you to choose from.  You choose which is right for you and your businesses needs.


E-commerce website design

A sample package for a product launch with shopping cart.

All Web Design Services are scheduled according to the package purchased. Below is an example of package options offered for an e-commerce web design for a start-up companies, product launch.

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